From Japanese Nationals to Citizens of the World

What are the three abilities?

What skills do Japanese people need in order to face the rest of the world? In addition to language ability and business skills, we at Berkeley Professionals believe that cross-cultural understanding is important.

  • Language ability

    At Berkeley Professionals, participants will improve their business communication skills through practicing “listening, speaking, reading, and writing,” and will gain the abilities required for business communication, through specialized training. They will enhance their language abilities by undertaking these two steps. Along with English proficiency, we also provide participants with the most effective business skill training.

  • Business skills

    Five skills form the foundation of business communication: meetings, negotiation, presentation, teleconferencing, and business writing. Other courses—such as Meeting Facilitation and Persuasion and Influencing—are available as tailored courses upon client request. During training, participants will enhance their abilities for succeeding in international business, based on a foundation formed of language ability and cross-cultural awareness.

  • Cross-cultural understanding

    Becoming better able to adapt to other cultures, learning to be flexible in your approach based on the culture you will be working with, is key to success when working with international partners.
    Participants will follow these keys in order to gain a better understanding of culture.
    At Berkeley Professionals, we will provide participants with training to gain the cross-cultural awareness necessary for business success.

Active in the world, Language ability, Business skills. Cross-cultural understanding





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